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Hydrate - Vitamin C Facial

An innovation for your skin
Dra. tatiana leal

What does our moisturizing cream with vitamin C contain?

It is an essential antioxidant with moisturizing, depigmenting, anti-aging, firming and stabilizing properties of the skin’s acid mantle, excellent for all skin types and ages.

It has the advantage of being completely stable, because its packaging is Airless, so, as the product comes out, a valve is raised that does not allow air to enter, which guarantees that the Facial Vitamin C does not leak. rust

Facial Vitamin C is a fundamental cofactor in the production of collagen, it has a depigmenting effect (it is one of the few active ingredients that can be applied during the day for this purpose since these products are for night use), as well as toning properties. , since the collagen that is synthesized in its presence is more hydroxylated.


Dra. Tatiana Leal

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When applied topically, it improves the skin’s luminosity and, over time, generates changes in its texture and unifies skin tone; Likewise, it keeps the skin’s acid mantle stable, as it is ascorbic acid with a low PH.

Vitamin C has several very important functions in cell maintenance and renewal. It is responsible for regenerating those collagen or elastin fibers that have deteriorated due to the effect of free radicals, which are molecules derived from pollution, ultraviolet radiation, smoke. from cigarettes and other pollutants, which structurally damage the skin (attack the genetic material of the cells) and as a result, we have the early appearance of spots, wrinkles, sagging, among other signs of premature aging.

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