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Buttock lift without surgery

Slims, tones, firms and reduces measurements.
Dra. tatiana leal

How many sessions are necessary and after how long will the results be seen?

It is recommended to perform 8 to 10 sessions, each session lasting approximately 40 minutes. This is subject to the patient’s assessment, since all needs are different. Changes can be observed from the first session; it is recommended to attend once a week, according to the recommendations of Dr. Tatiana Leal.


Dra. Tatiana Leal

What techniques are used for non-surgical butt lift?

The buttock lift can be performed through different treatments specialized in reducing sagging and achieving greater firmness and volume in this area of ​​the body. These are some of the treatments we perform:

Dra. Tatiana Leal


Treatment with Contour Shape

It is a versatile technology, through which we can tone the buttocks thanks to the combination of several techniques, such as radiofrequency and endermology, ideal for correcting skin irregularities, which are complemented with intradermotherapy, as a toning method for the buttocks. .


Through this technique, some therapeutic substances are applied, such as lipolytic or anti-cellulite, in order to accelerate the metabolism and promote fat burning in anatomical sites where it is difficult to eliminate adipose deposits with diet or exercise, such as the abdominal region, rabbits, the inner side of the thighs and others.

Thork Shock Waves

It is a treatment that consists of the transfer of acoustic shock waves to reduce cellulite and localized fat. It is a non-invasive molding that improves local blood circulation, tissue irrigation and provides more elasticity, firmness and a healthy texture to the skin.

Body radiofrequency

It is a procedure through which energy is transferred in the form of heat to the deep layers of the dermis, in order to stimulate the production of collagen by fibroblasts, which favors the arrival of nutrients to the treated area. and its oxygenation.

maximus treatment

Thanks to its patented Pollogen Trilipo® technology, Maximus is a non-invasive body treatment used to define body contour, lift buttocks, improve sagging and cellulite.
Dra. Tatiana Leal

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