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Facial biorevitalization

Highly innovative treatments for your skin.
Dra. tatiana leal

What are the benefits of Facial revitalization?

With the natural aging process, we can observe in the skin during the first decades of life, initial signs of skin devitalization due to loss of luminosity and the appearance of the first expression lines; For this condition, different revitalization protocols have been designed to avoid premature aging.

Doctor Tatiana Leal applies active ingredients with the ability to stimulate cellular activity, promoting the synthesis of collagen, elastin and restoration of the extracellular matrix, as well as the control of free radicals produced by toxins and pollution, which we are exposed to every day. exposed and generate premature aging.


Dra. Tatiana Leal

Learn more about facial biorevitalization

Ácido hialurónico en Bogotá

Facial biorevitalization is a safe and effective treatment to rejuvenate facial skin, providing deep hydration, collagen stimulation and improving skin texture. If you are looking for a solution to revitalize your skin and regain its radiance, facial biorevitalization could be the perfect option for you.

How much does facial biorevitalization treatment cost?

The price of the facial biorevitalization treatment, as well as the number of sessions required, may vary according to the patient’s specific conditions. Only at the valuation appointment can precise costs be provided. Keep reading to find more information about this treatment or if you prefer, contact us at our aesthetic medicine center in Bogotá and ask everything about the treatment such as; duration, disability, contraindications and prices of treatment.

Dra. Tatiana Leal

Perfecting the reflection of your inner beauty

Facial biorevitalization


Did you know that your body loses around 1% of collagen every year after the age of 25? This treatment, composed of polylactic acid, helps treat facial aging progressively, thanks to its collagen-stimulating action.

Facial biorevitalization


Radiesse is a collagen biostimulator composed mainly of calcium hydroxyapatite. The redensification of the dermis and the production of a natural tightening effect on the face can be seen a few weeks after application. It is an excellent option for those people who want to improve the quality of their skin, restore elasticity and prevent sagging skin.

Facial biorevitalization


It is an advanced treatment that combines high and low molecular weight hyaluronic acid. The effect is that the hyaluronic acid remains where we apply it while it spreads throughout the area.
It contains amino acids and bionic peptides, intelligent substances that ensure that the product reaches the areas where it is needed most.

What is facial biorevitalization?

Facial biorevitalization is a non-surgical procedure designed to revitalize and rejuvenate facial skin. It uses biocompatible products, such as hyaluronic acid, vitamins, antioxidants and amino acids, to deeply hydrate the skin, improve its texture and stimulate collagen production.

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