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Specialist in aesthetic medicine and laser

Dra. Tatiana Leal Sandoval

It's time to perfect your beauty!
Dra. tatiana leal

Why choose our
aesthetic medicine center?

At Tatiana Leal Aesthetic Medicine and Laser, we are a group of professionals prepared to offer high quality standards in both facial and body treatments that improve the physical appearance and quality of life of our patients. Our main objective is to enhance beauty of our patients while taking care of their health.


Our director, Doctor Tatiana Leal, a specialist in Aesthetic and Laser Medicine from Universidad del Rosario, has scientific support and has been practicing aesthetic medicine since 2009.

At the forefront

In addition, she is constantly updating academically to provide the latest global trends in facial and body treatments.
Dra. Tatiana Leal

We offer for you

Body treatments


Treatment of varicose veins with sclerotherapy


Laser lipolysis in Bogotá


Body shaping


Cellulite treatment

Facial rejuvenation


Facial care products


Facial chemical peel


Lip filling and augmentation


Treatment to remove spots on the skin

Aesthetic gynecology


Removal of benign lesions


Increased labia majora


Stress urinary incontinence treatment


Vaginal rejuvenation

Dra. Tatiana Leal

Aesthetic Medicine and Laser

All the treatments we carry out are under the standards
of aesthetic medicine and are performed by specialized professionals.
The beauty and health of the patient is our main objective.

Dra. Tatiana Leal

Perfecting the reflection of your inner beauty

“For years, I’ve been getting Botulinum Toxin injections with Dr. Tatiana. I find this procedure to be the best for removing wrinkles for months. Additionally, the procedure is quick, simple, and in the specialized hands of Dr. Tatiana Leal, it’s almost a pleasure twice a year.”

Graciela González


“In this testimonial of a satisfying experience, I also want to take the opportunity to thank the doctor: Infinite thanks for making such a longed-for change possible. I am happy to see myself in the mirror and recognize results that I didn’t think were possible after trying so hard. THANK YOU! What I lost in weight and fat, I gained in confidence, self-esteem, smiles, and satisfaction.”

Claudia Arandia


“The service is excellent. The peels are spectacular. The Rejuve Face and Spot creams are the best. I can’t go without them anymore. The quality of these products is exceptional. I incorporate them into my daily routine; they’re the best thing that has happened to me. Excellent professional and human being. I totally recommend her.”

Milena Baldeon


“I arrived with high expectations, and upon seeing the results on myself… I can say… Highly recommended… kindness… excellent results… 100% reliability… The quality of the services exceeded my expectations. The kindness of the staff was notable and contributed greatly to my comfort throughout the process. The results obtained were excellent, even meeting the most demanding details.”

Amparo Estudillo


“Thank you very much. I am happy to entrust myself to your hands as the results are fantastic every day. Not only have I found great results, but also a welcoming and professional environment that makes every visit a true pleasure.”

Luc Vir


I found out about Dr. Leal’s procedures through her social media page, I requested an appointment and it was scheduled immediately. I was only going for a consultation, but once I arrived at the office, the atmosphere and confidence conveyed by Dr. Leal made me decide to undergo the procedure the same day, which involves the application of hyaluronic acid in the lips. The pain during the procedure was minimal and the results, besides being immediate, are spectacular! I am thrilled! Thank you, Dr. Leal. See you soon for the threads..

Andrea Restrepo Patiño


I love taking care of the appearance of my face and knowing what’s best for it. In the recommendations and treatments provided by Dr. Tatiana Leal, I find not only safety, given her academic preparation and experience, but also the best results reflected every day in the mirror, in addition to the satisfaction of always being perceived a decade younger than my age.”

Miguel Ángel Gutiérrez


“Happy with the results of the great work of Dr. Tatiana Leal, today I leave feeling joyful because I got what I wanted so much, a profile that suits my face nicely and, best of all, with very natural results. I am very grateful to the Doc. for her magnificent work, and I can attest that she is an excellent professional in every sense of the word. THANK YOU, DOC!”

Laura Daniela Vega


“Excellent to have a high-level professional who cares about your image, I definitely recommend them highly! Not only have I found impressive results, but also personalized advice and attention focused on my individual needs.”

Claudia Herran Ramirez

aesthetic medicine

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