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Medical surgeon

Dra Andrea Rincón

Dra. Andrea Rincón

Dr. Andrea Rincón is a prominent medical professional, with solid training as a surgeon graduated from the prestigious John F. Kennedy University of Buenos Aires. Her career is marked by a tireless dedication to the well-being and safety of her patients. Over the years, she has accumulated vast experience and knowledge in aesthetic medicine and laser technology, with over a decade of practice in the field.

Dr. Andrea Rincón additionally has extensive experience in anti-aging medicine and the management of adiposity. Its approach combines various techniques, ranging from the use of laser technology to the management of appliances and non-surgical techniques. All of this is based on an adequate diagnosis and personalized approach for each patient, which guarantees satisfactory results.

Thanks to her extensive academic background and her commitment to the cutting edge in her field, Dr. Rincón is able to offer her patients innovative and safe treatments that not only improve their physical appearance, but also promote their general health and well-being. Her reputation as a reliable and competent professional places her at the forefront of aesthetic medicine in our country.

Professional commitment and continuous improvement

Her commitment to excellence and her passion for her work have led her to constantly seek updating and improvement in her field, participating in countless courses and obtaining various certifications that have further enriched her training and skills. These certifications include the prestigious UDCA International Certification of Aesthetic and Anti-Aging Medicine, as well as membership in the Aesthetic & Anti-Aging Medicine International Society (AAMIDO) and the Argentine Society of Aesthetic Medicine (SOARME).

Dra. Andrea Rincón

Courses and certifications

  • Professional as a surgeon
    Diploma in General
  • Physician and Surgeon from the University of Applied and Environmental Sciences in 2003
  • International certification of aesthetic medicine, Panamerican society of Aesthetic medicine (PASAM).
  • International certification of aesthetic and anti aging medicine, Aesthetic & anti aging medicine international society (AAMIDO) and Argentine society of aesthetic medicine (SOARME)

Av. Suba # 114 – 69 Floor 6 “Consulting Room” G14
Torre Magna Pi
Bogotá – Colombia


(601) 300 2500

+57 322 201 0384

Opening Hours

Monday-Thursday: 8 AM – 7 PM

Friday: 7 AM – 8 PM

Saturday: 8 AM – 2 PM

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