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Patient Duties

The patient has the duty to:

  • Identify yourself fully with your identification document both at the reception of the Torre Magna PI Building and at the office.
  • Inform Dr. Tatiana Leal and/or patient care staff and without hiding information about your current health status.
  • Respect compliance with the rules and instructions established in Dr. Tatiana Leal’s office.
  • Pay for the services provided in Dr. Tatiana Leal’s office.
  • Treat patient care staff, other patients and their companions with the utmost respect and provide dignified treatment.
  • Take care of the facilities and accessories that are arranged for your use and comfort.
  • Use the complaint and suggestion channels.
  • Keep assigned appointments at established times or cancel at least 12 hours in advance
  • when you cannot attend.
    Respond and seek comprehensive care for your own health and follow the recommendations made by Dr. Tatiana Leal.

Patient rights

The patient has the right to:

  • Respect for their personality, human dignity and privacy, without being able to be discriminated against for social, economic, sexual, moral or ideological reasons.
  • The confidentiality of all information with your process, including the secrecy of your stay in Dr. Tatiana
  • Leal’s office, except for legal requirements that make it essential.
  • Receive complete information on everything related to your process, including diagnoses, treatment alternatives, risks and prognosis, which will be provided in understandable language.
  • Free determination between the options presented to you by the medical person responsible for your case, requiring your express consent prior to any action.
  • Let there be a written record of your entire process; This information and the tests performed constitute the clinical history.
  • Research, experiments or clinical trials should not be carried out on you without information about methods, risks and purposes.
  • That the services are provided in Dr. Tatiana Leal’s office in the best conditions of habitability, hygiene, safety and respect for your privacy.
  • Know the regular procedure to present claims, complaints, suggestions and, in general, to communicate with management.
  • Receive a response to the requests and suggestions you make.

Av. Suba # 114 – 69 Floor 6 “Consulting Room” G14
Torre Magna Pi
Bogotá – Colombia


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+57 322 201 0384

Opening Hours

Monday-Thursday: 8 AM – 7 PM

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Saturday: 8 AM – 2 PM

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