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Specialized aesthetic medicine

Slims, tones, firms and reduces measurements.

More than 15 years of experience

Beauty naturally

Facial Treatments

Dra. Tatiana Leal

Perfecting the reflection of your inner beauty

Localized fat, body flaccidity and other skin irregularities are some of the consequences of unhealthy lifestyle habits or the profound morphological changes that tissues experience with the aging process.

With our treatments you can improve those aspects that do not make you happy.

Body treatments

Scizer Body Treatment

It is a solution to eliminate localized fat where neither diets nor physical exercises are enough.

Body treatments

Laser lipolysis

Technique that aims to reduce localized fat in a minimally invasive way through the heating and rupture of adipose cells by direct action of the laser.

Body treatments

Body shaping

Procedures aimed at reducing
body measurements thanks to the application of
different techniques and technologies, as well as
dietary and exercise recommendations.

Body treatments

Maximus body aesthetic radiofrequency

It is the innovative and patented tripolar radiofrequency technology of
third generation. Produces a volumetric heating action
depth of tripollar radiofrequency, combined with contraction
of the muscle by DMA technology, generating body shaping,
localized fat reduction, and lymphatic drainage.

Body treatments

Thork cellulite treatment

It is an innovative shock wave technology that
consists of the transfer of acoustic shock waves,
that through them, reduces cellulite and performs a
non-invasive shaping that improves circulation
local blood, tissue irrigation, elasticity,
skin firmness and texture.

Body treatments

Permanent laser hair removal

The diode laser or Nd Yag laser is a percutaneous light medical device that recognizes the color (black/brown) of the patient's hair follicle and generates its destruction with maximum safety, effectiveness and comfort for patients.

Body treatments

Treatment of varicose veins with sclerotherapy

This treatment is based on injecting a microfoam medication to cause the vessel walls to collapse and thus reduce the appearance of varicose veins.

Body treatments

Inbody - Composition Analyzer

It is a highly effective technology to choose the right body treatment for you.

Body treatments

Detox serum therapy

It is a treatment where specifically selected active ingredients are applied to enhance the results of a specific treatment. Likewise, it is used to detoxify.

Body treatments

Buttock lift without surgery

The buttock lift can be performed through different treatments specialized in reducing sagging and achieving greater firmness and volume in this area of ​​the body.

Body treatments

Laser tattoo removal

With the help of the Colormax Q-Switched Nd: Yag Laser, we produce the best results by eliminating reddish, bluish and black pigments, by emitting a certain amount of energy.

Body treatments

Treatment for alopecia or baldness

We have 2 options to treat this condition effectively: the first is through the application of platelet-rich plasma, and the second is capillary intradermotherapy.

Body treatments

Muscle toning with Sculptor

This treatment is ideal for body redefinition, it generates muscle toning and growth, as well as fat burning that provides energy to the muscle if associated with specific dietary recommendations.


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