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Aesthetics and Health

Dra Tatiana Leal

Dra. Tatiana leal

Dr. Tatiana Leal is a prominent specialist in Aesthetic Medicine, graduated from the Universidad del Rosario and with a Master’s Degree from the Training Center in Aesthetic Medicine (CEFIME).

Her experience includes specialized courses in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where she trained in Face-Up Filament (Facial Lifting) and Facial Bioplasty with renowned Plastic Surgeon Dr. Saul Luna.

Additionally, she obtained a Diploma in Facial and Body Aesthetics at Megaesthetic, Bogotá, and perfected her techniques in venous pathology with the Vascular Foundation.

Her dedication and continuous training position her as an outstanding professional in the field of Aesthetic Medicine.

Courses and certifications

  • Refresher Course: Facial Remodeling with Soft lift
  • Sclerotherapy and Duplex in telangiectasias in lower limbs
  • Basic and advanced Laser Course in Aesthetic Medicine
  • New lasers in ablative therapies and hair removal
  • Non-surgical treatments for body shaping
  • Periocular Rejuvenation combined therapies
  • First Introductory Course in Homotoxicology HEEL – 2012
    Clinical Applications
  • Technique with Lipomassage, Lipotrón,
  • Hydrafacial, Venus Swam – Rocol-2012 Course
  • Intralipotherapy – Real Lasting. Valencia (Spain) – 2012
  • Non-Surgical Facial Rejuvenation Course: Efficacy and Safety – SEMCC Madrid (Spain) – 2012
  • Nutrimedicine Course. University Foundation of Health Sciences, 2013.
Dra. Tatiana Leal

Congresses and symposiums

  • 4th Colombian-Brazilian Congress of Aesthetic Medicine-2008
  • I Interactive Congress of Aesthetic Medicine – COLCOME – 2009
  • Photodynamic Therapy Symposium – COLCOME 2010
  • 6th Colombian-Brazilian Congress of Aesthetic Medicine – 2010
  • II Interactive Congress of Aesthetic Medicine – COLCOME – 2011
  • International Symposium on Advanced Techniques for Restoration of Facial Volume – 2012
  • IV Congress of the Spanish Society of Therapeutic Applications of Fat Transplantation Madrid (Spain) – 2012
  • III Interactive Congress of Aesthetic Medicine-2013
    6th Spring meeting of the ISDS (International Society of dermatology) – 2015

Av. Suba # 114 – 69 Floor 6 “Consulting Room” G14
Torre Magna Pi
Bogotá – Colombia


(601) 300 2500

+57 322 201 0384

Opening Hours

Monday-Thursday: 8 AM – 7 PM

Friday: 7 AM – 8 PM

Saturday: 8 AM – 2 PM

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